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Sound device 744t инструкция

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Button lock prevents unintentional sound of settings or record status. The T will display the current mode the LCD screen. Lcd Display Descriptions Flashes in In stop and record, shows the time code playback pause mode.


In this mode the generated by the T. Input Adjusts the headphone volume. Active-bal- sound T is capable of producing ear- anced analog microphone- or line-level damaging levels in headphones. Word input accepts sample rates between 32 kHz and kHz. Inputs are selectable among analog or digital sourc- es. If the inputs are in line level mode, phantom power will not activate from the shortcut keys and must be activated from the menus.

Input Limiters mic-level only Microphone inputs 1 and 2 each have a limiter circuit designed to prevent input overload. In nor- mal operation, with proper gain settings, the limiters should rarely engage. Input-to-track Sound In addition, all digital conversion stages have delay.

Input-to-Track Routing The T uses a simple, yet powerful routing scheme. The microprocessor-controlled matrix allows any input to be routed to any track.

Sound Devices 744T User Manual

Multiple inputs can be device to a single track to create mono- mixed recordings. Each of these two-channel buses 744t assigned their audio sources independently, enabling the T to feed 744t tiple sources with unique two-channel program.

The T allows the user to monitor inputs, tracks, or post-record tracks.